May 24, 2017

High End Munich 2017

Had the opportunity to get a professional pass for the MOC and I spent 3 days of pure enjoyment listening to some of the best audio gears an amateur could dream for.

Also had the chance and pleasure to meet Thomas Mayer and listen to his great sounding electronics. This usually happens once in a lifetime and it was a very rewarding.

Had a talk with Martin Brenner of Vinylista who brings interesting solutions for better LP's transcription. I was especially interested in the new Tenuto bronze turntable mat for my 301.

Took some pictures of what was the most relevant at this fair for the modest amateur and DIYer's I am.

Silbatone huge speakers system

GIP Speakers

Beautiful Western Electric reproductions.
Mr Koji Kikawa gave me a general products catalogue and I was surprised to see the number of speakers you can get from them.

Thomas Mayer great sounding electronics with ELROG tubes

I personally greatly appreciated the vinyl preamplifier coupled to a Garrard 301 on Vinylista plinth and Thomas Schick tonearm.

Kondo setup

And during my roaming I found a well recorded vinyl by Audio Note

Merci Philippe et Laurent.


  1. Thanks for the nice comments! It was a pleasure meeting you in Munich!

    1. Thanks to you Thomas. You set music enjoyment to a very high level. Hope to meet you again.