About this blog

Bonjour, Hello, Hi, Hallo, Ciao ,привет, もしもし, … to all electronic tube audio enthusiasts.

About five decades ago I discovered tube gears through my local Radio Club. I was a teen who knew nothing about electronic but found some parts very nice in shapes and colors and I started learning by making solder. It took a long time, a lot of reading and experimenting to go from "is that a tube ?" to "that's a nice tube I should put to good use!". It is time to share my modest experience.

This blog is intended to make you discover some rare or very seldom used tubes (but not only), to provide a circuit for audio use and build a complete unit each time I can find parts.

Of course not the only usable circuit, just a personal choice based on technical requirements, measurements and listening tests.

Hope you will enjoy.


After silence, music is the nearest to express the inexpressible. (Aldous Huxley)

April 2016

I took advantage of EAGLE software to redraw my schematics.
Though tricky to use it gives a much better appearance to this blog.

July 2016

People asked me if my works were for sale. 
Yes, some of them.
Helps me to undertake other projects.
Just ask.  
I can aslo study special requests.

April 2017 

Changed my template for a somewhat better blog reading


  1. Mon Frédéric,
    Superbe blog que je vais suivre assidument;

  2. Hello, I really enjoy your blog. 1 quick question regarding Eagle. Did you created all the symboles for Tubes and Transformers?


    1. Hi Tony and thanks for your comment.
      Eagle models are tricky to create and most of the ones I use are from the web. Unfortunately libraries are poor for tubes applications and I had to modify existing models for this blog.
      Email me your address and I will send you the .lbr I use.