Jun 15, 2016

6J5 Line preamplifier Part 3

Back on the air...
Normally there should not be a part 3, but I recently found a few Visseaux 6J5G and put them to good use in my line preamp.
While listening to CD's and LP's I know very well I was so surprised by the overall qualities that I called my wife for a neutral and objective appreciation. It did not take a long time to get the certitude that what we were listening at was the most realistic of all we have heard till today. These tubes are among the very best, not to say the best, of all the 6J5 I plugged in my preamp. More important, when used with the MC1/60 amplifier the combo brings music reproduction to a truthful level hard to beat.

Visseaux was a French manufacturer established near Lyon that made high quality tubes (each being individually tested) till the 50's before becoming an ITT subsidiary.

Construction is typically Visseaux with copper alloy fasteners, grey mica and black anodes.

Amazingly the tubes I found bear the Radio Technique logo, which is very surprising RT being a Philips subsidiary. Could it means Philips bought tubes from Visseaux and relabeled them ?
This would have been very unusual because the tube history told us the contrary, Philips sold hundreds of thousands of tubes that where relabeled by famous companies such as Siemens.

A snapshot of my main sytem.

6J5 line along with a tetrode based LCR phono preamp ( I will post one day when power supply will be definitely set) and its Entré ET100 (Soltear Electronic Japan fed with special Tamura's I suspect to be TKS83 relatives) step up transformer companion.
Garrard 301 armed with JVC 7082 on a very heavy plinth.
DL103, AT33 Mono and the incredible Entré EC30 to go with this arm.
MC1/60 amplifier.
Modified Klipsch La Scala (Tractrix wooden horns + JBL 2470's, AlK Xover ).

Super rare vintage Entré EC30 pure boron cantilever cart riding some good vinyl

For this report we listened and appreciated


  1. Excellent website you have here, so much cool information!..

  2. Hello Fred - thank you for your design I have converted my 76-6SN7 line stage to 6SN7-NP126 & it sounds excellent, 'right up my alley' as they say. Great tone, 'power' & dynamic headroom, music 'flows'.

    (Now I need to convert my 76-6A6-2A3PP power amps to IT-coupled amps.)

    Keep up the good work.